Recent Case Study: Applying XLSafe PRO to a multi-million dollar construction model


In this article we will showcase how a customised version of XLSafe PRO was used to protect and distribute a very sensitive Excel model in the construction industry to various clients.

The particular client’s requirements were as follows:

Authorised Employees 

  • Authorised employees who will have access to the spreadsheet will need to install a customised version of the XLSafe PRO application on their machines with a one-off activation process.
  • The application can be installed to an unlimited number of machines with no additional costs incurred.
  • Authorised employees will be able to access the Model stored on a company server with a customised protection interface being applicable to them.
  • Authorised Employees will not have to go through the activation process every time they want to access the spreadsheet.
  • Authorised Employees will not be able to make or use duplicate copies of the spreadsheet stored on the server.
  • A time limit for accessing the spreadsheet cannot be set for authorised employees.
  • Simultaneous changes to the spreadsheet are not allowed (I.e. the spreadsheet cannot be operated in shared mode).

 External Clients

  • The Model stored on the online server can be send to external clients as it is.  
  • The “XLSafe PRO” interface will recognise unauthorised machines and lock the spreadsheet down.
  • The client will need to obtain an activation key from the license administrator in order to obtain access to the contents of the file.
  • When the client obtains authorisation, the spreadsheet structure/formulae will be protected. The client will not be allowed to transfer or use the spreadsheet with other PCs.
  • The activation is required only once per each spreadsheet per each machine – no exceptions given. 
  • A time limit can be set either in the form of a set expiry date and/or a subscription period after activation. When the time limit is exceeded the client will need to obtain a new activation key to renew the subscription period. 


The protected spreadsheet will be compatible with all Windows versions after 2000 with a Microsoft Excel version 2000-2010.

Compatibility with any other operating systems is not supported.

Security Application

The client’s model was sent to DataSafeXL and we applied a customised version of our security interface “XLSafe PRO” to the model. We also applied additional features requested by the client at a later stage such as different printing rights for each sheet and for different users.

If you have a complex model which requires advanced protection, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.