Create Documents with Expiry Date using Microsoft Excel and XLSafe PRO


It’s been a while since our last post but it has been an incredibly busy year for Datasafexl! Our Microsoft Excel consultants have been creating some fantastic ideas and tools and have helped numerous businesses with complex Excel-based solutions all year long.

We would like to share with you one great solution that has been built for one of our clients, an Excel based tool for sending confidential documents based in Microsoft Excel to external customers.

Our client was extremely concerned about the privacy and confidential information sent to third-parties. Sensitive contracts drafted in Microsoft Word and sent as PDF documents was simply not secure enough as the data can be easily compromised and copied from PDF documents.

DataSafeXL consultants came to the rescue. We have built a tool based on our award-winning security platform XLSafe PRO which allowed the customer to embed Microsoft Word documents into the secure environment of XLSafe PRO in Microsoft Excel. The client could then send the “.xlsm” document spreadsheets to customers and third parties with the following benefits derived from XLSafe PRO:

1. Users were not able to copy and paste the content of the documents

2. Users were not able to send the documents to other computers without obtaining an activation key from our client

3. Users were not able to print the documents

4. The documents had an expiry date after which the users were not able to access the files

The client was extremely satisfied and assured that our protection solution was far more robust than creating PDF documents. For more information on this project as well as other custom built tools feel free to contact us at