Protecting the intellectual property of your spreadsheets


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In this topic we will be discussing how you can greatly improve the security of your spreadsheets and protect your intellectual property. Distributing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets outside an organisation via e-mail and sharing spreadsheets internally amongst employees on network drives and other mediums is probably the most common course for most businesses.

In today’s world of increasing IT sophistication as well as new security threats and information risk, the methods of sharing sensitive spreadsheets described above would appear to be crude to say the least.

Coming to the rescue, DataSafeXL  has been offering bespoke security solutions to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and has even developed some powerful software known as XLSafe PRO & VBASafe so you can truly secure your organisations’ spreadsheets.

With XLSafe PRO & VBASafe you can:

Secure your confidential data
XLSafe PRO files employ an innovative security system which protects the contents of your spreadsheets from unauthorised use and unauthorised access.

Your Microsoft ® EXCEL spreadsheets will remain protected when your files get stolen, lost or transmitted to other computers either accidentally or intentionally.

Protect against password recovery software
XLSafe PRO files are strongly protected against commercial password recovery software and other third party intrusion tools. This is achieved through the XLSafe PRO advanced protection platform and security algorithms.

Specify ‘safe’ computers to access spreadsheets
When you purchase a multiple licenses version of XLSafe PRO you have the ability to authorise specific computers which can open the protected spreadsheets without going through the XLSafe PRO activation process.

Restrict distribution of spreadsheets
You can distribute your protected files to their intended users without worrying that these users will pass on your spreadsheets to other people.

This can be achieved with XLSafe PRO through:
• – using the built-in key generator to create activation keys
• – using the online activation server of DataSafeXL
• – using an XLSafe PRO password
Protect spreadsheet structure:
With XLSafe, you can easily maintain the design of your spreadsheets and protect it from accidental or intentional changes.

XLSafe offers advanced tools to easily protect any aspect of your spreadsheets.

Hide and secure formulae/ cell contents
You can protect/ hide the contents of cells containing formulae, text labels and constant values with a click of a button.

You can also easily specify input cells and leave them unprotected based on their cell color.

Hardware activation
XLSafe PRO files employ a pioneering activation system to recognise whether a computer is authorised to open a spreadsheet based on its hardware configuration.
In this way, you are re-assured that only intended users will have access to your files.

Time expiration capabilities
For each XLSafe PRO file you can choose to set:
• – a specific expiry date
• – a trial period of spreadsheet use on a user’s machine
• – a subscription period after which a user needs to re-activate the spreadsheet

XLSafe PRO files employ an advanced protection system which prevents back-dating of system clock settings.

Scramble your VBA Code
VBASafe converts your spreadsheets’ VBA code to unreadable obfuscated code in a matter of seconds, no matter how complicated this is. This makes it extremely hard for someone to understand and follow its logic. VBASafe also automatically removes all blank lines and comments from your VBA code, thus making it even harder to interpret for a malicious user.

No matter how complex or straightforward your organisations’ spreadsheets are, DataSafeXL can recommend the right solution and efficiently bridge your spreadsheet security gap.

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