Why do you need a Digital Macro (VBA) Certificate for Excel



DataSafeXL recommends that you use a digital signature for your macros (VBA Project) whichever Excel version you employ.

Digital signatures and certificates of authenticity can be applied to executable programs, ActiveX controls, or Office Visual Basic for Applications macros.

These signatures provide you with the assurance that what you are about to use comes from a reliable source and that it has not been tampered with. Digital certificates help to eliminate macro viruses from being introduced into your Office documents, your computer, and your local network.

XLSafe PRO does not come with a digitally signed certificate as it embeds to your existing VBA code, thus not being a unique VBA project. This means that you will need to sign your project yourself after you apply the XLSafe PRO security.

Please note that your project will still be protected even without a digital signature but for reasons mentioned above we highly recommend one for large scale applications.

If you are looking for additional help with digital signatures or you wish to purchase a digital certificate feel free to get in touch with us at certificates@datasafexl.com