All About Excel Sparklines


Sparklines represent little, word-like graphics which can depict intense information in a short space. Until now, third party utilities existed which could be used to create sparklines in Excel 2000-2007. Now, Microsoft has decided to implement sparklines natively in the new Microsoft Excel 2010.

Here is an example of a sparkline table:

Excel Sparklines

Below you will find the most valuable resources in the little world of sparklines!

Third Party Sparkline Utilities: (working with Excel 2000-2010)

1) Bonavista Microcharts

2) Bissantz Sparkmaker

3) Sparklines for Excel (Free) 

4) Tinygraphs (Free)

Microsoft Excel Sparklines (working with Excel 2010)

Note: A workbook containing sparklines will show blank cells when opened in Excel 2007 or 2003. 

How to use sparklines in Excel 2010

Programming with Sparklines in Excel 2010 (VB.NET)

Sparklines For Excel vs. Excel 2010 Sparklines Comparison